Return to Americashire

Our month-long return to the Cotswolds is off to a fine start. We took the long way here from Los Angeles, stopping for a night and day in Boston before continuing on to Heathrow last night. Our goal was to break the journey into two, five-ish hour flights instead of one epic flight, but the stop in Boston also served as a cultural transition. New England, with her crisp air and preppy-fied populace, prepared us well for Ye Olde England.

Despite the air traffic control tumult of yesterday, our flight touched down on-time and before long we were whizzing along the M4 in our festive rental car, a red Fiat Cinquecento. It’s merry but I’m not sure how she’ll handle ice or snow, so just as well it’s still relatively mild out. We took advantage of the weather to walk the four miles to the pub for a Sunday roast. The service was predictably uneven, but, on the first day back in town, this still seems endearing. (My guess is I’ll be ranting about English customer service well before the end of the month.) Roast pork and potatoes with a Yorkshire pudding also helped dispel any budding disgruntlement.

The only remaining goal of the day is to make it to 8pm before the jet lag wins. Next up is a quick jaunt to Berlin this week before returning to the Cotswolds. London and the Lake District also feature later on the agenda. For now, I’m so happy to be back and looking forward to sharing the rest of the adventure here.

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