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One Upmanship

Just when we Americans felt all special for electing a black President, Iceland has gone and one upped us with their appointment of a gay, female prime minister. A former air hostess nonetheless, which is much more fun to say than flight attendant (and now, being practically British, I feel very entitled to use the term). There’s nothing I can think of that’s more fabulous than a lesbian career trajectory from the friendly skies to head of state, and it’s clear my great expectations problem now extends to cover the entire gay population. It’s also clear the only way for Britain to up the stakes is to oust Gordon Brown and bring in a cross-gender person of color. I’d even settle for a cross-dresser, of which there are reputedly many already wandering the Houses of Parliament. My soon to be acquired vote is going to Eddie Izzard.


The People Have Spoken

The people (especially the younger one’s) have spoken and we defer to them and the need for “change.” Congratulations! We will see you back for the next congressional elections in two years. May this new President be blessed with wisdom and strength (and economic knowledge——–there is no free lunch). Hold on to your wallets! DAD and MOM

I got this email from my staunch Republican father today. I found it remarkably gracious compared to our previous discussions on the subject. Husband and I had worried he would still be sulking at Christmas when we visit. Looks like all that can now be channeled into his displeasure at not having been made a grandfather yet. Oh, the anticipation…