Safe For Now

After sandbagging our front door late yesterday afternoon, husband and I set off for a walk. I am still seeing new things after almost nine months of being a weekend resident. For one, there are blackberries all over the country lanes. I ate a few and they tasted like blueberries to me. Maybe it’s one of those things where a wild blackberry really tastes like a blueberry but I’ve been conditioned to think it tastes different by supermarket mass-produced varieties. Or maybe the wild blackberries are just struggling to ripen in our sun deprived stretch of countryside. Either way, when we got back the road had totally drained and Mill House felt brave enough to close their front gate and dam the river previously running through it.

We’re not out of the woods yet though. It was dry today but more rain is on it’s way. Fingers crossed the brief reprieve has dried things out enough to make it through the week.

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