The Good Life

The proverbial home grown, organically reared carrot is dangling in front of me. This week I got a job offer that’s a “commutable” distance from our Cotswold town. Despite all my big talk (and some action) about opening a wedding planning business, it’s not that kind of job. It’s a proper, grown-up, corporate job that materialised on the back of some looking around I started many months ago when my current company was going through lay-offs.

All my talk about a life in the country is about to be tested. And fast.

So like any big decision I am making a list of pros and cons. Here’s what I have so far:


  • I got a job offer in the midst of one of the largest global economic meltdowns in history. I say this not to gloat but to remind myself not to look a gift horse in the mouth.
  • I could live in the Cotswolds full-time.
  • The music industry (my current job) is dying and still has no strategy. Potential new company has strategy. They even talked a lot about it during my interviews. Hurrah! How very novel.
  • Potential new boss seems like the kind of guy I could get along with.


  • Husband and I would live apart two nights per week. Or is this a pro? Still trying to work this one out. Husband is so obsessed with work right now that most nights in London are spent zoned out in front of the TV when he finally does arrive home sometime after 8PM. Is this any different than being apart?
  • Gas costs – would have to drive to new job – something about a petrol card in contract – must investigate. Oh yes and must get driver’s license!
  • Commute. Have never had a commute, even when I lived in L.A. Am trying to think about bright side. Could download KCRW podcasts for the ride and pretend like am now a Southern California commuter.
  • Cotswold house is a postage stamp intended for weekending. Then again London flat is a postage stamp. Need somewhere to hang all my clothes in the Cotswolds. Damn England and it’s lack of built-in closets.

Four all for now.

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