Familiarity Breeds…

In this case, familiarity is breeding a lack of blogging. It has now been two and a half years since we bought our Cotswold cottage, which equates to three winters, two springs, two summers, and two autumns worth of material about flora and fauna, fetes, shows, harvests, hunts, the wine bar, the pub, the church, and the characters that populate these colourful landscapes. The problem now is that I am losing my ability to observe. Today I drove past a sign advertising an upcoming Plough Championship in Mesey Hampton—an event that in the past would have been immediately committed to the diary—without even slowing down. I realized I know two women in real life, not a historical novel, named Georgina and have not had need to comment on it. And worst of all husband and I are not planning on attending this year’s August bank holiday Boylestone Show. It is the mother of all village shows, the birthplace of our rural idyll dream complete with tea and cakes, homemade wine, and giant leeks. But this year we are off on holiday to Provence a few days after the show, and, well, quite frankly I can’t be bothered to make the trip. Clearly I am a woman who needs to get her priorities in order.

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    Edith Hope
    August 27, 2010 at 6:10 pm

    Dear Brenda, I have, very happily, come across your weblog by chance and have so enjoyed what I have read. Now, I am hardly in a position to comment, never having attended an August Bank Holiday event in a village, but it does, possibly, sound the teeniest bit tedious – all those worthy people, jam and scones, and, most likely, a tug-of-war. Is this really what you gave up the American Dream for?

    For my own part I have largely escaped from England, although not entirely, to find sanctuary in what I affectionately refer to as the People's Republic, Hungary, and from where, when I am not at home in London, I write my own weblog.

    I am subscribing to your weblog [or I hope that I am] in order to keep up with further happenings in the Cotswolds and, maybe, of your holiday in Provence!

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    August 30, 2010 at 10:25 am

    Dear Edith,
    Much as I enjoy a lovely comment from a reader, I do feel I should point out I am not Brenda in case your friend Brenda is wondering why you never read her blog and leave a nice comment. I am Jennifer, although I admit it's plausible there is another American in the Cotswolds writing a blog! In any case, I had a quick look at your blog and shall be returning. I am a black thumb with aspirations of gardening that don't seem to get much beyond eating lunch at Burford Garden Centre, so I could use the tips from your blog. With best regards and thanks for visiting…

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