Code Name “Cringe”

While life in the country is going swimmingly, I am starting to lose all self-respect for my city persona. The influx of former Google-ites at work is creating a strange, desperate reaction in me, and I find emails like this flying off my fingertips:

On 8/15/08 12:46 PM: Since every project needs a cheesy name, I propose project Ripple for “repertoire promotion and leverage” or project Apple for “asset promotion and leverage” (but obviously this has associations other than Gwyneth and Chris’ daughter).

It doesn’t make much sense out of context, but suffice it to say I work in the music industry and that is no excuse for celebrity references in IT-related email.

Feeling ashamed, I read this aloud to husband last night in a wine bar confessional. Luckily we had just opened a second bottle, which cushioned the blow of his scorn.

But had he seen the reply? This might be the worse part. One of the former Google-ites actually replied to my piffle with a fully formed philosophy on project code names.

On 8/15/08 19:50 PM, a colleague who shall remain unamed wrote: +1 for arbitrary code names. I like cute vs. functional. Meaning, pick your favorite animal, character, band, etc vs acronyms or functions.

I remember a story from my first job about a project team that spent their whole first week in existence arguing over what project name to choose. I can’t believe I get paid to even write emails about it, although that’s probably unintentional on the part of my employers.

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