An Angel’s Gotta Eat

Golden Lizzie.  She overlooks a roundabout in the Tiergarten in Berlin and is possibly the only thing husband loves about this city.  She also features in the opening scene of Wings of Desire, an angel resting on her shoulder eavesdropping on the humans below.

Yesterday I was minding my own business, reading the paper and eating a chicken schwarma at a falafel joint on Torstraße when in walked an angel of sorts. He was young and looked tired, like an overworked angel might.  He was dressed in a leopard print Addidas jacket with what appeared to be three carefully hand-cut vertical vents in the back, a pair of gray, abstract patterned, mock-camoflauge trousers, and white leather high tops…with wings: big, chunky, leather wings protruding off his ankles.  I had just worked up the courage to ask him if I could take his photo when he slipped out the door, presumably to attend to his angelic duties.

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