Jennifer Richardson is an American Anglophile who spent three years living in a Cotswold village populated straight out of English central casting. Fumbling aristocrats, gentlemen farmers, and a village idiot—a role she mostly played herself—all provided the source material for her memoir, Americashire.

She is currently working on a book about work—or more precisely, what you would do if you didn’t have to work—drawing inspiration from artists, entertainers, philosophers, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, economists, and remarkable people from all walks of life. To proscratinate writing said book, she’s also working on Booketlist, an app that helps readers build a lifetime reading plan.

Her husband is an Englishman who, although not the village idiot, provides her with ample writing material. They currently live in California and visit the Cotswolds regularly.

Here are some other things Jennifer has written about:

And some Americashire-related tidbits: